Dynamic, award winning movies based on real case histories of human trafficking in Britain

Produced by OMF with an international cast and filmed mainly on location including in a real 'safe house'
We never planned to make Zorina. But having produced the Tariro feature film, the Salvation Army asked for a short version for inclusion in their Boundless convention celebrating their 150th anniversary.

Zorina was not screened at Boundless. A late revision by TSA saw runtime requirements halved and OMF felt that this would affect its integrity so opted not to recut.

Zorina however has been successful, spreading the word that human trafficking does happen in Britain and being screened around the world.
Following the distributor observation on Tariro's soundtrack, in 2017 we selected Zorina as a test bed for a new cut with Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

To gauge results, the new cut, now renamed Zorina 2017, was then entered in five international festivals and within weeks of completion, our efforts had been rewarded.

Zorina 2017 was one of only six films selected worldwide at IFFFADAT and also achieved International Gold at the World Film Awards. Zorina 2017 was then selected for screening in August at Indi Boost in Miami, Florida.
The two remaining festivals entered are yet to be judged.

Can we make it five out of five?

Who knows.

Current plans are for the first UK screening to be on a shared premiere bill with Peak Squadron, another OMF film with surround sound. This will be in Southport on Saturday 28th October. Entry will be free but by pre-booked ticket only due to limited capacity.

Both versions of Zorina have garnered international awards.

The original film headlined at Pervollywood in Cyprus as Director's Selection.
Following a major re-cut and audio re-mix with digital 5.1 surround sound audio, Zorina was even more successful
2017 awards include Finalist at Indie Boost, Winner at IFFFADAT and International Gold at the World Film Awards